Living Room Remodel

A friend had this bare-bones pic and wanted to know whether to paint the fireplace in an accent color. I said the only real way to judge was to see it in context with carpet, finished baseboards, a TV, and books. Luckily, that’s pretty easy.

Accent Wallpaper over Wainscoting

Here the homeowner wanted to add a vintage wallpaper pattern as an accent wall over wainscoting, and to see what a lavender color would look like on the walls. Easily done!

What Color for the Living Room?

The homeowner knew they didn’t want beige. But what would look good? They could go back and forth to the paint store a dozen times, buying small sample cans and wasting weeks trying different colors. Or they could take one picture and try out many colors. Can you tell which color is the original? (Hint: look in the mirror!)

But the color options don’t need to end there. Wanna go dark? Give it a shot, without having to invest in three coats of primer if you change your mind.

Accent Wall or the Whole Enchilada?

The homeowner settled on a bright papaya shade. But should they do the whole room in that, or just one wall?