About Thomas

From the time he was a child, Thomas Irvin studied to be a rock star. When that didn’t pan out, he naturally fell into advertising, then had the rather inadvisable notion to become an attorney. He used to be admitted to practice law in Illinois, much like Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln.

He would very much like to take your picture.

Infrequently Asked Questions

Why “Color Photography”?

Great photography draws in the eye with a simple, strong visual. I don’t do black-and-white photography, because it’s a mere shortcut to simplifying an image. If you strip all the color from an image, it makes it seem a little more striking — but that’s just a cheap trick. A good photographer should be able to compose an image that doesn’t need tricks to draw the eye.

Are you for hire to shoot photos?

Sometimes. Mostly I shoot for my own satisfaction. Let’s talk.

Are you for hire to retouch a photo?

Probably. Again, let’s talk.

Once in a while, I’ll put something on Instagram. But it’s just odds & ends I shoot with my phone.

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